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Become an Elitaly Ambassador!


Help us spread the Italian culture ... it is very easy!

1. Submit a site or to Elitaly

If you visit or know a site that you consider interesting, of excellence or of a high artistic-cultural value for Elitaly, write us and send us the details.

With your contribution, we will be able to create a platform rich in cultural content and interesting itineraries in every Italian province.

2. Wait for the evaluation

The Elitaly team will read the reports and, if approved, will publish it, citing you as a source of information.

We will take care of analyzing your reports and, if considered of value, publish them. We will notify you before carrying out this operation, explaining the methods and details on the publication.

3. You are an Elitaly Ambassador!

Once you become an Elitaly ambassador we will send you the Elitaly digital badge which you can present in the structures affiliated with Elitaly to obtain discounts and coupons, at the discretion of the modalities of each affiliated business.

Are you a blogger? Let's talk!

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