Italian Countryside
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Solo il meglio dell'Italia

What We Do

We want you to live a truly Italian experience, in an authentic and professional way.

Get in touch and tell us about your travel plans or what you would like to know about Italy. We will meet your request and give you the best recommendations you can your language!

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So authentic!

“I finally found somebody who's providing original content about  this beautiful Country. I love Italy!” 

- S. Jones - Teacher from U.K.

Promoting Italy

If you want to promote our beautiful Country you are in the right place. You have here the right platform to use to showcase your works to an international audience.
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Who We Are

We are Italians, living around the world. Elitaly was conceived to offer a personalized service to all those people who are interested in exploring the beauties of our native Country. We are financially backed by NDV International Corp, an international firm specializied in Business Outsourcing.