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  • Why should I go to Elitaly and pay for your services?
    The main reason is because we make the best out of your trip to Italy. Our value is in the information and service we give you, customized and adapted to your needs. In this way, you will optimize your trip and you will live an unforgettable journey, otherwise very hard to achieve.
  • What are you giving me in the Consulting Plan?
    Consulting plan consists of the following: You tell us what you want to do or what are your interests in Italy; We come up with a series of documents, papers and itineraries that will give you personalized insigths about where to go and what to see; Get in touch with us so we give you a typical template of the kind of docs you will receive; If you want, we can also have one on-line session to better meet your needs, included in the price.
  • How much time do you need to plan my trip to Italy?
    The early the better. However, the Silver and Gold membership require more time, average of 3 months, as booking and major services are included and they need to be planned in advance.
  • Do you offer discount with the bookings?
    We usually do, as we are in this industry, but it's not always possible ... it depends of the activities you're planning to do.
  • Do you book also flights?
    No, we don't usually do that. However, we give free advice about planes to take.
  • What do you mean by special needs that you cover?
    The main advantage of Gold membership is that we assist you on-line during the entire journey. You can call us for anything, including the following: - last minute changes; - Special arrangements; - Traveling with kids that require particular assistance; - Advice if something goes wrong and you need assistance (hospitals, baby sitting and so on).
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