Elitaly promotes truly Italian experience to all those people who are interested in knowing more about this wonderful Country. 

It provides original and customized solutions if you plan to visit Italy. 

Since everybody has different interests, we believe that it is necessary to interact and get to know each other, in order to give you the best experience. Too often, the information provided is biased and influenced by commercial factors, not always reflecting the real needs of tourists.


We believe that giving you the right correct information, in your language (whether possible), will help you to get the best out of your trip. 

Whether you're just  passing by during a business trip or decide to spend few weeks or months in our Country, we can give you the best service you can get. Or, if you  are not going to travel at all but you're interested in Italy, we can help you finding what  you need. 


OK, we think you get it! So, just get in touch with us...info is FREE!


1.  Get the membership you want

2. We get in touch with you and start preparing everything you need

3. We keep constantly in touch with you to make sure you get the best solution to fit your needs

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